Hi my name is Constance, but you can call me Connie. On social media I go by Connie Joi. A little more than a year ago I took on the interest of content creating. Not long after creating short comedy videos I came across a crazy idea to create my own reality series also known as a reality show, and airing it on my YouTube channel! I named it "The Chronicles Of Connie Joi".               

My life has had highs high enough to touch stars and lows low enough to touch souls, but nonetheless I wanted most to reach average or not so average people just like me. I'm a single mother of two personality blowing autistic boys so every day is a hectic whirlwind of events that become life lessons and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a nurse so I get the opportunity to give my patients a better quality of life every shift I work.                 

My goal is to use my life story and every day situations to connect with other people. To the woman who doesn't believe in herself because she doesn't fit in the box society says we should in order to be accepted. To the man who is afraid to stand up and speak against things he doesn't believe in but doesn't want to offend anyone so he lays quietly in pain.                  There are so many pieces to Connie I didn't even know were there. I am not average. I do not fit in. I am the black sheep. But I'll be honest, I will fight, I'll talk about the things no one else will. I will use my social media platforms to my advantage so the voices that we often ignore are heard no matter what the situation is.                

Welcome to branding Connie Joi.